“Santo António de Lisboa”

Saint Anthony of Lisbon

IN Portugal, Saint Anthony is much beloved and venerated in the city. Today, June 13th, is His municipal holiday.

The festivities in honor of Saint Anthony begun yesterday, on day 12, with the popular marches, “Marchas de Lisboa”, allegorical parade down Avenida da Liberdade.  A large firework ends the show.

The boys buy basil in a small pot, called “Manjerico” to offer girlfriends, which bring little flags with a popular proverb. The party lasts all night, and a bit all over the city, there are popular folk festivals, places of entertainment and typical food like grilled sardines, pork leg “febras”, “caldo verde” (a soup made with kale, cut into lint, which gives it a greenish color) and red wine. Listen to music and dancing until dawn, especially in old and very emblematic “Alfama” district.

“Santo Antonio de Lisboa” is also the matchmaker Saint, for the Portuguese people, so the Lisbon City Council organize, in the Patriarchal Cathedral, the marriage of several young couples of modest origin, every year on June 13. They are known as ‘St. Anthony Grooms’.

“Santo António de Lisboa” has born the 15th August, 1191 in Lisbon and died the 13th June, 1231, in Pádua.


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