Tribute to Cassiano! Thanks Google Portugal.

Today Google celebrates the Portuguese architect Cassiano Branco, in his 115th Anniversary birth,with a doodle that represents the “Portugal dos Pequenitos” one of his most emblematic works.
Cassiano Branco is one of the fundamental references of Modernist architecture in Portugal, one of the best-ever national architects and one of the most popular worldwide.
Most of his works was built in the 1930s and 1940s and fits in Modernism, with influences from Art Deco style.
The architect was the distinguished author of numerous projects mainly in Lisbon between residential buildings, villas, hotels or cafes, with emphasis on the Eden Theater, Cinema Empire or the former Victoria Hotel, but also in Porto (eg Coliseum) and in Angola.
In 1958, supported the candidacy of General Humberto Delgado to the Republic Presidency, having then been arrested by the political police.
The architect Cassiano Branco was born in Lisbon and lived between 1897 and 1970.
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