“The Gift” for you from Portugal

Let me introduce a Portuguese Pop Band that is very much appreciated here: The Gift!

Sónia Tavares — raven-haired, animated, striking, early-thirties, dead alert — sits in a square in Lisbon drinking coffee as the casual evening slithers off into more serious nighttime. She is on her mobile phone to a New York journalist at the start of a hectic afternoon. Tavares is talking about The Gift, the most popular alternative band in her native Portugal and for which she is the lead singer. The band is a proposition that has existed as an unwavering constant in the lives of brothers John and Nuno Gonçalves, Miguel Ribeiro, and herself for the last seventeen years. ‘Most bands,’ she says, ‘grow up, they meet, and they become friends. We did the opposite: We were friends, then we started a band. For us, it is the foundation of everything. When events are going wrong — when events are going very wrong — the extreme basis of everything is our friendship. We are four heads, you know, and the head of Nuno, our composer, can be complicated, because he knows exactly what he wants. But we all have a main purpose, and it is The Gift.'”

Excerpt from the biography on their website: http://www.thegift.pt

They usually sing in English, but the following is in Portuguese, specially for you… “Gaivota” means “Seagull” and it’s a version of one of the most famous songs, “fado”, of “Amália”, the beloved Portuguese singer “fadista”.


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