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Janela 17 - 1981
Janela 17 – 1981

“I came from the East, where light is born; went through Africa, where I learned to love life; I came to Europe, where I studied painting in the city of lights*; then I fixed myself in Lisbon. Gradually I retraced the labyrinthic path towards light (…)” Maluda, 1996

Vim do Oriente, onde nasce a luz; passei por África, onde aprendi a amar a vida; cheguei à Europa, onde estudei pintura na cidade das luzes*; depois fixei-me em Lisboa (…)” – Maluda, 1996

Maluda-1973, foto de Augusto Cabrita

Maluda, true name Maria de Lourdes Ribeiro was an important painter and very popular among the people.
The pictures she painted were mainly based in the cities, particularly in the urban landscape, windows and various other architectural elements. The reputation of the apparently simple pictorial works (some used on postage stamps), while had promoted her one of the most popular Portuguese painters of the last decades of the twentieth century, also had the negative effect of cover a vast work of graphic design more complex.
While experimenting various genres, including portraits, silkscreen prints, tapestries, posters, murals and illustrations, the main focus of Maluda’s painting was the synthesis of the urban landscape, in which follows conceptually, Paul Cézanne (1839-1906), the master of Impressionism.

Quiosques - Selos postais

In her career, Maluda had done many solo exhibitions and is represented in numerous museums, including the “Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation” and the “Centro Cultural de Belém”, but also in several private collections in Portugal and other countries.
(Goa, 15 de Novembro de 1934 – Lisboa, 10 de Fevereiro de 1999)

Na sua carreira, Maluda efectuou inúmeras exposições individuais e está representada em vários museus, entre os quais os da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian e do Centro Cultural de Belém, em várias colecções particulares em Portugal e noutros países.
(Goa, 15 de Novembro de 1934 – Lisboa, 10 de Fevereiro de 1999)
* Paris

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Photos: www.maluda.eu
“Maluda” by Carlos Ribeiro, 2008

Maluda (Moçambique) feature

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