Silence! “Fado” is going to be sung

Ana Moura , in the Elbphilharmonie of Hamburg, Germany – Live

Fado singer Ana Moura, born in 1979 and raised near Lisbon, The artist is one of the main fado singers in Portugal and counts among her dedicated and enthusiastic fans the Rolling Stones. “Her voice has a dark and elevated elegance, and she effortlessly alternates between delicate fragility and powerful intensity”.

“Fado” is a Portuguese musical style. It is usually sung by a single person “Fadista”, accompanied by a classical guitar “viola” and a Portuguese guitar. Fado was elevated to the category of Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, by UNESCO.

Fado é um estilo musical português. Geralmente é cantado por uma só pessoa (fadista) acompanhado por uma guitarra clássica (viola) e uma guitarra portuguesa. O Fado foi elevado à categoria de Património Cultural e Imaterial da Humanidade, pela UNESCO.

Credits; Wikipedia and Ana Moura’s website


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