The Oldest Nation in Europe is…?

Yes, you’ve got it. It’s Portugal!
Portugal is the oldest European Nation-state with a sovereign government in the same territory, with the same borders, with its own currency, and armed forces.

With the establishment of the Kingdom of Portugal in 1139, after the Treaty of Zamora, whose independence was recognized in 1143, by Pope Alexander III. In 1297 the borders were defined in the Treaty of Alcanizes, which remain the same until today.

Portugal is also one of the 10 oldest Countries in the world, being Ethiopia, Japan, Iran, and China the oldest.

What is the main difference between Nation-state and Country? According to Wikipedia, the first is a more precise concept than the second, since a Country does not need to have a predominant ethnic group. To know more, soon we’ll be back to the subject with detailed information.
Meantime, have a sweet taste of our magnificent and beloved Nation-State 😉 watching the video (April 2020)– It’s time to go forward, now.

Hoping you like it, we say “Até já!”


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