Oh my nose! 68th Covid-19 test

This Saturday, Gonçalo Diniz a well-known actor of the Portuguese public, carried out a new test at Covid-19 and could not resist marking the moment on social networks.
“This has been part of my routine for over a year … with this, 68 tests have already been done (all negative)! May there be a nose. May there be patience,” he wrote on his Instagram.
He became famous after he participated in the cast of the Brazilian soap opera Xica da Silva (1997), playing Dragão Macário.

Gonçalo Diniz, 2020

What do you think about the need to test covid-19 so often? Do you think it is good, bad, or is it harmless to health?

By the way, we have to share it with you 🙂
Again, Portugal does not register any death by Covid-19, according to the latest data from the Public Health Department, published today and related to yesterday, Sunday.
It is the fourth day since the start of the pandemic with no record of deaths. There are 180 positive cases of covid-19.
According to the Our World In Data website, Portugal is currently the EU country with the least daily deaths, in the last seven days per million inhabitants, and the second with the least cases of Covid-19.

We pray the Lord that soon, very soon All Countries may be free of this disease, or at least control it fully and definitely.


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