Lisbon, a dream Unicorn Hub?

According to Collision (is known as the fastest growing technology conference in North America and one of the largest and most influential technology events in the world), “A central location between the EU and North America markets, a penchant for enterprise and a relaxed lifestyle, all make Lisbon an attractive business destination.”
Also, “… with the efforts of Local Government organizations and Think Thanks, and the backing of major international Tech Businesses, the Portuguese capital is fast becoming a dream Startup Hub.”

What are Unicorns? Private startups achieving major financial success are called unicorns because of their rarity.
Portugal offers them a positive business environment, ease of access to multiple markets, and a vibrant way of life.
* Namely, Lisbon is at a unique geographical crossroads as a European capital within the EU at one of Europe’s closest points to North America.
* Another appeal of doing business in Lisbon is the support foreign entrepreneurs receive from local government organizations, with a strategy in place to help newcomers bed into the city.
* Additionally, the fantastic quality of life in Lisbon is one positive for moving here. From the weather to the food quality to the affordable price of goods and more.

You may start by checking out about the worldwide entrepreneur community-based in Lisbon at
… And if you want more information on how to start your business in Lisbon, visit Sign up for Portugal

Thank you. Até Já!


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