Fat Spiderman is in lisbon


Currently, Fat Spiderman is active at Lisbon, Rua Augusta, one of the busiest and most tourist arteries in the Portuguese capital.
So he has had a lot of work and is keeping an eye on you.

The Fat Spiderman is an animated character, with a unique characterization, based on the fictional superhero Spider-Man from Marvel Comics, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962.
The main goal is to create interactions with the general public of all ages and provide moments of distraction and joy to passersby.

It is a performance that this Portuguese actor has been developing for many years in Madrid, in the Plaza Mayor, and other European and North American capitals.
He is a character who has won multiple fans and admirers. Also, he has received several awards and mentions around the World.

Spiderman Gordo is excited about returning to his country and eager to help everyone get rid of criminals with his supernatural powers.
Show up if you have a problem! Spiderman Gordo will help you 😉

TedTalks Madrid, Plaza Mayor, 2017

Thank you. Até já!

>>>Photo Credits in Google Search “Spiderman Gordo”<<<


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