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A guide to romantic Lisbon, Portugal

Lovely Lisbon! Lovely post! “Obrigada” Georgette 🙂

Girl in Florence


Truth be told, I have been obsessed with Lisbon ever since we got back from our #winteroadtrip from the south of France to Portugal this past December. Five days of living it up with my partner in crime and I really think we got the most of our vacation, it was non-stop walking, eating, drinking and experiencing. This city is full of all sorts of interesting corners and neighborhoods, a place where your first impression is drastically different from your last. The contrasts here are so abundant, but that’s what I love about it.

With romance in mind, here are my thoughts on how to spend a romantic day in one of my newest favorite cities in Europe, Lisbon – Portugal. 

Stairways to heaven 

The bad news about Lisbon is that its a city full of hills, steps and stairwell. If you plan on being the world’s fittest citizen…

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Just another Sunday, by Luís Teles Morais

My Son!!!
Sorry for being such a proud Mum 🙂

Nova Economics Club

Elections to the European Parliament will be held at the end of coming May – that is to say, in only four months’ time. Their outcome will have deep, long-lasting implications – not only for democracy, but also for the practical life of Europe’s citizens. Decisions on how the institutions on which the Euro and the Union are built should continue to be reformed over the next few years will be significantly, if not decisively, influenced by the outcome of these polls – not only due to the power of the Parliament itself, but also due to the powerful signals it can send to the Council regarding how electors stand on furthering European integration in the near future.

This is especially true in the case of the Eurozone countries and, particularly, for those countries most affected by the many recent crises, subject to financial assistance programmes, such as Portugal, which…

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Meet the “Royaletes”

“Radio Royale”
A new project on the Portuguese music scene.
Different and very cute. Pretty!!!

“Radio Royale”
Um novo projecto no panorama musical português.
Diferente e muito giro. Giras !!!