Real Fado

Real Fado celebrates Lisbon’s traditional music genre, listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

It invites us to explore the authentically Portuguese tunes and lyrics at Príncipe Real, a Lisbon trendy neighborhood in two locations full of character and magic: 

  • Embaixada, a 19th-century palace
  • Reservatório da Patriarcal, an underground water cistern in the center of Lisbon.

Real Fado offers concerts of Traditional Fado, Fado & Other Sounds, and Timeless Fado specifically adapted to the character of its eclectic venues.

And, the good news is that it has begun again! Click here and check it out. 

Meanwhile, listen to fadista Tãnia Oleiro in a 2017 concert at Reservatório da Patriarcal.

Tãnia Oleiro, fado singer

All Photos in the Web.


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