A piece of Paradise!

Quinta do Forte Velho is a Greater Lisbon project situated in immaculate surroundings in Lisbon. It is surrounded by a peaceful calm atmosphere, fresh air, and beautiful sunsets. The thrilling viewpoint is home to boundless beauty and immeasurable opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

Bucelas Vineyard

One of the most famous and internationally recognized Wine Hubs from the Lisbon region is Bucelas, a light and fruity white wine made using Arinto grapes. The greatest figures from Portuguese and International literature referred to this small-scale wine enthusiastically.

Quinta do Forte Velho is a contemporary collection, of 3-4 bedroom luxurious houses where owners can privately enjoy their own slice of paradise. The design packages have been carefully selected to enable you to create a bespoke and unique home interior.

A Villa in Quinta Do Forte Velho is a Smart Home, bringing the cutting-edge experience to life and connecting you to your home in a way you never thought possible.

Model House

Come and visit!


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Promoted by BRIGHTMAN GROUP, AMI nº 17077, Estoril, PORTUGAL

Credits: Text and photos in The Lakhani Group QFV Brochure.


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