Best Wishes for 2022, Ladies and Gents!!!

Happy New Year!
Health, Love and Peace, are the traditional vows and the ones we look forward to the most every year.
We are justifiably steeped in the Christmas spirit and especially in the contagious joy of the celebration of the Birth of Jesus.
We want to follow His example, His teachings, His thinking.
Above all, we want to deserve His protection, complacency, His infinite mercy.
So, in this New Year, let us make a simple but arduous commitment to ourselves, to our family, and those around us:
Transforming the felt Desire into the fulfilled Wanting.
Yes, I wish, and I want,
_ To fulfill all the achievements destined for me this year, in the fullness of my discernment, my strength, and my independence,
Yes, I wish, and I want,
_ In despair and sadness, intimacy.
_ In fear and doubt, humanity.
_ In disorder and chaos, serenity.
_ In provocation and discretion, freedom.
_ In exhaustion and illness, solidarity.
Best wishes for 2022!

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