Nestled by the cork oaks – a house

The Cork Oak House is a single-family residence on a plot of extraordinary morphological characteristics with approximately 12 thousand sqm. It is in an area of ​​natural protection due to several cork oak trees, where the implantation of the house allowed the maintenance of all the existing trees.

Cork Oak House, Celorico de Basto, Architects Hugo Pereira and Diogo Jordão, photos by Ivo Tavares Studio

The natural environment and the panorama were the decisive elements for its construction.
The outside is all built-in concrete with the traditional process using pine wood boards. The slope on the façades suggests the continuity of the land, disguising the house in the ground and nature.

The house is in Celorico de Basto, Braga District, right in the North of Portugal.
Creation and project of Hugo Pereira Arquitectos. Built-in 2020.
More information and photos at

Beautiful and unique, it is worthy of the visit of Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin for an episode of Netflix’s “The world’s most extraordinary homes.” Am I right or not? 😉

Thank you. Até já!

>>> Photo credits: Ivo Tavares Studio<<<


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