My fellow citizen on Hunger Strike

I apologize for bringing Luis Dias’s dramatic situation here, yet I am feeling extremely alarmed. Although I don’t know him personally, he is my compatriot, and I fully understand and support his struggle.

26 Days, today

Luis Dias has been on hunger strike for 26 days in front of the Palace of Belém, the official residence of the President of the Republic, calling Justice. To the Portuguese Government also, to which both respond with absolute indifference.

He is an agricultural entrepreneur who invested all of his savings, including his own house on a mulberry farm, in 2014. For several reasons directly related to delays and alleged corruptive acts of various government departments, everything went wrong. In addition, the 2016 floods destroyed all the facilities of the farm, and now he and his family are ruined.
The respective Court gave him reason in the action he filed to the Portuguese State, but he is still awaiting the due compensation.

Check info here: Portugal Resident News.
Something is wrong in my beloved country.

Intervention on Luis Dias, by Bebiana Cunha, deputy of the PAN Parliamentary Group |Portuguese Parliament ARTV – 01.06.21

Therefore, I ask you to share as much as you can Luis Dias’ dramatic situation.

@LuisDias72 on Twitter

Thank you. Até Já!


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