Nothing is Black or White

Above all, the Human Race is the subject.

Race. Race and Genetics. Race or Genetics.

Or the reverse, the Genetics is the subject.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t care less if Race is a social construct, or Genetics is scientific evidence, for the subject itself, that each one of us is a human being, an individual, a person.

Each one of us as an individual is unique in mind and body. DNA proves it, as Personality demonstrates it.

Each one of us as individuals belongs to a group, by birth, mainly.

Like any other beings on this Planet, we usually stay in this initial or first group because we feel loved (natural or foster family) and comfortable (social group, like country, or other organization formats, for instance, gypsies).

Getty Images – Silhouette of people with different skin colors.

That said, what is relevant to me, if not to most people (I think I’m not so different)?

I am a woman. I was born in Portugal. I love my family, and I’m very proud to be Portuguese.

If I am white? Yes, I am.

If I feel or felt any form of discrimination for being white? No, never.

If I was born black like so many Portuguese felt different about their families or Portugal? No, I’m pretty sure.

If I was born black like so many Portuguese felt any form of discrimination? No, not of my direct knowledge whatsoever, and under Portuguese Constitutional Law. This applies to any other colored Portuguese people.

In the end, white is only a color, like black. And as it has been said in the start, they even aren’t colors.

It doesn’t matter at all!

It matters firstly is us, each of us, secondly our group (family, nationality, country, etc.).

If we were born white, black, colored, yellow, whatever, it should only be one more of our social, cultural, genealogic, and historical characteristics.

in Project Runeberg

The race white, black, or other should be a reason for rejoicing for fulfillment for pride. A duty to nourish to preserve, and secure for generations to come.

Yes, a reason to be proud and a duty to defend, with my unconditional strength, because it defines me (and you) as one of my (and yours) marker characteristics.

Only, and only because of that, not because of the color itself, even less because it is superior or inferior, which is scientifically false.

Race and or Genetics, yes.

Racist and or Geneticist, never.

Reading Sources:

National Geographic

The Human Genome Project


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